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    <querypage name="Ancientpages">
        <page value="20100421193836" timestamp="2010-04-21T19:38:36Z" ns="0" title="Lobbypedia:Über" />
        <page value="20140430103139" timestamp="2014-04-30T10:31:39Z" ns="0" title="International Swaps and Derivatives Association" />
        <page value="20140430122057" timestamp="2014-04-30T12:20:57Z" ns="0" title="Alan Greenspan" />
        <page value="20140430122140" timestamp="2014-04-30T12:21:40Z" ns="0" title="Alexander Otto" />
        <page value="20140430122339" timestamp="2014-04-30T12:23:39Z" ns="0" title="Allgemeine Ortskrankenkasse" />
        <page value="20140430142512" timestamp="2014-04-30T14:25:12Z" ns="0" title="Anne Herkes" />
        <page value="20140430143958" timestamp="2014-04-30T14:39:58Z" ns="0" title="Bank für Internationalen Zahlungsausgleich" />
        <page value="20140430144323" timestamp="2014-04-30T14:43:23Z" ns="0" title="Bundesverband der Dienstleistungswirtschaft" />
        <page value="20140430144514" timestamp="2014-04-30T14:45:14Z" ns="0" title="Bundesverband der Deutschen Volksbanken und Raiffeisenbanken" />
        <page value="20140430145135" timestamp="2014-04-30T14:51:35Z" ns="0" title="Credit Default Swap" />